"Survival here requires a kind of baboon political savvy with the most cunning and aggressive males gaining top rank and all the perks-- females for the choosing, all the food they can eat and an endless retinue of willing groomers. Every male knows where he stands in society: who can torture him. Who he can torture, and who, in turn, the torturee can torture."


Everlands: Explorer-In-Residence, a conservation-based and member-owned collection of the finest lodges that, scattered across the United States, New Zealand, Africa and the U.K. | VIEW CLIP

2002 to 2004
RCI (division of Cendant Corporation): consultant on incentive travel program to complement timeshare exchange.

Abercrombie & Kent Media, President, dedicated to expanding the reach of Abercrombie & Kent, the travel company founded by Geoffrey Kent.

Disney Vacation Club, program consultant.

1995- 1996
Disney Institute: program consultant.

Disney Cruise Lines: Director, Creative Development: helping evoke the story and create the design of Disney's first cruise ship, The Disney Magic.

Sales Media: Numerous industrial, sponsorship and promotional films, as writer, producer, director and occasionally camera operator.


Montana State University - Adjunct Professor, Fall 2015 and Fall 2016
Directors Guild of America
Writers Guild of America

Explorers' Club, Member Emeritus
Royal Geographic Society, Fellow since 1972
2013 Montana State University Blue and Gold Honoree
2016 Montana State University Honorary Doctorate of Arts

Dr. John Heminway: Commencement Speech Fall 2016

Everwild Media has been created by a team of award-winning filmmakers to tell astonishing stories of nature and to celebrate the preciousness of wildlife and wilderness.


Wildlife DirectWildlife DirectHeminway is a past trustee of Trout Unlimited and the Leakey Foundation as well as past advisory board member of the American Prairie Foundation. Currently, he is trustee of Wildlife Conservation Global, The Okapi Foundation, Tusk USA, Elephant Family, and Trustee Emeritus of the African Wildlife Foundation, which he served as Chairman for nine years.

In addition, Heminway is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and emeritus member of the Explorers’ Club where, in June 2002, he was named "Champion of Wildlife".

In June 2013, Dr. Richard Leakey appointed Heminway chairman of WildlifeDirect, a cause, dedicated to changing laws and behavior related to wildlife crime, in Kenya and throughout Africa.