Recipient of the International Wildlife Film Festival Founder’s Award, recognizing wildlife filmmakers who have proven themselves to be ethical and tenacious communicators of wildlife in media.

Dahooma Productions option of Flight, written by John Heminway

"Warlords of Ivory" VIEW FILM
Premiered on August 30, 2015
READ MORE Launched New National Geographic Explorer Series

Investigative journalist Bryan Christy sets out on a groundbreaking mission to expose how the ivory trade funds some of Africa’s most notorious militias and terrorist groups. Working with one of the world’s top taxidermists, he conceals a sophisticated GPS tracker inside an incredibly realistic faux ivory tusk and drops it in the heart of ivory poaching country and monitors its movements to track down the kingpins of the ivory trade.

Jackson Hole Film Festival: launched 2015 African Elephant summit.
The 2016 United Nations/C.I.T.E.S International Elephant Film Festival winner: Issues and Solutions.
The 2016 Tusk Conservation Achievement Award for Media and Film
New York Wild Film Festival: Best Conservation Film.
2016 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Cinematography In A Documentary
2016 Wildscreen Panda winner: Best Presenter.
2016 S.M.A.S.H.: Science Media Award winner: Best Conservation Film.

U.S. Crushes 6 Tons of Seized Ivory to Save Elephants VIEW FILM
Published on November 15, 2013
READ MORE Directed November 2013 for National Geographic Society and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Agency.

The U.S. government destroyed nearly six tons of ivory on November 14 by crushing the products into tiny pieces. This symbolic event aimed to bring attention to the corruption and illegal activity surrounding the killing of elephants for the ivory trade.

"Battle For The Elephants:" a National Geographic Special VIEW FILM
Aired in February, 2013
READ MORE Battle For The Elephants tells the ultimate animal story – how the earth's most charismatic and majestic land animal today faces market forces as powerful as those that drive the value of gold. We go undercover to expose criminal operatives behind ivory's supply – in Africa – and demand – in China. Battle For The Elephants makes clear that if present trends continue we may lose this colossal and emblematic species at the very moment when we are coming to perceive its essence. Living in a highly evolved society, with keen intelligence, protean memory, skill at communicating long distance, and capacity for love, the elephant has much to tell us humans. But there is a big "if:" only IF it is given a chance to survive – at present an unlikely prospect, in view of the voluminous buying power of middle class Chinese.

"Battle For The Elephants" continues to have impact, with its producers and its on-camera investigative reporter, Bryan Christy, lobbying for elephant protection at C.I.T.E.S.’s conferences in Bangkok and Johannesburg, at the U.S. State Department and other branches of Government. It has been made available in a number of African countries and in schools around the world. Its awards include Best Conservation Film at the 2013 Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival and Distinction of Excellence for best Conservation at the 2014 Wildlife Conservation Film Festival in New York.

"Bones of Turkana:" a National Geographic Special VIEW CLIP
Aired on PBS in 2012
READ MORE Bones of Turkana celebrates the astonishing life of paleoanthropologist, conservationist, statesman and provocateur Richard Leakey. With his wife, Meave and daughter, Louise, we bring to life four million years of our human past. Central to this story is an exquisite desert lake, called Turkana where we will relive the drama of our origins, reckon with the traits that make us human and appreciate the great debt every single one of us owe Africa.

International Wildlife Film Festival winner, Special Jury Award, best film budgeted over $500,000 and Merit Award for Animation.

The Jackson Hole Science Media Award, best edited film, as well as finalist in human & social sciences and best-hosted program categories.

Stress: Portrait of a Killer VIEW CLIP
READ MORE Director, writer, co-producer. PBS National Geographic Special. "Stress: Portrait of a Killer" chronicles the landmark work of Stanford neurobiologist, Robert Sapolsky, and shows how unrelenting tension can result in life-threatening conditions. "Stress" illustrates how wild primate life offers incalculable insight and remarkable solutions to the hobgoblins of our own. 2009 finalist, International Wildlife Film Festival.

2006 and 2007
A Year On Earth VIEW CLIP
READ MORE Co-producer, co-director and co-writer with Katie Carpenter. Discovery, Discovery Kids, Animal Planet and Discovery HD. A two-hour high definition special about three American kids who take a year off from school to change the world. The results tell much about a generation, the state of our planet and where to seek hope. "Best Children's Program" International Wildlife Film Festival, National Emmy nominee and finalist, Best Children's Film, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival.

Travelers' Guide and Destination: Nature. VIEW CLIP
READ MORE Producer and Host for MagRack, video on demand content provider. Winner of 2003 Innovator Award in Multi Channel News. Among other films, "A Guide's Day Off In Paris," recounts secrets to a city – all discoverable in one day.

Evolution: The Mind's Big Bang VIEW CLIP
READ MORE Writer, director, co-producer of show six of the seven-part PBS series, "Evolution," produced by Vulcan Productions and WGBH/Nova and narrated by Liam Neeson. For the last 200,000 years the human brain has undergone little or no change, but suddenly – about 60,000 years ago – our behavior changed dramatically. For no apparent reason, we began to occupy ourselves with unheard of behavior – long-distance trade and – most telling of all – art. The human brain that once stretched itself with the fabrication of a stone tool, now was dealing with abstractions. How could such a change have happened? And what would be its consequences? "The Mind's Big Bang" tells an extraordinary evolutionary tale written in large part on the walls of caves...

Expeditions with John Heminway
READ MORE Presenter/host and writer of 13 half-hour shows for The Travel Channel. This series is a collection of intimate journeys to far-flung corners of our amazing planet: Svalbard, the Orkneys and Shetlands, the Stockholm Archipelago, Glacier Bay, the Galapagos and the Andes.

The Making Of The Disney Magic
READ MORE Producer, director, writer, narrator. The story of how Disney's first cruise ship was designed, built and launched.

Mad About Birds
READ MORE Producer for Audubon Productions, broadcast on the TBS Superstation. An amusing look at "twitchers" – the die-hard bird-watchers of our world.

John Heminway's Travels On Native Soil
READ MORE Presenter and producer for The Travel Channel. A one-hour film about a train journey through five Northern Plains Indian Reservations. A journey into the soul of native American culture today. Winner of the 1996 Telly and Ciné Golden Eagle awards.

Great Railway Journeys
READ MORE Executive Producer, of the popular 6-part BBC series.

Legendary Trails
READ MORE Executive Producer of a series documenting four legendary religious pilgrimages, still vibrant today.

Roots Schmoots
READ MORE Executive producer of a three-part series, documenting Howard Jacobsen's unusual and comic approach to Judaism.

1988- 1993
READ MORE Executive Producer, writer and host/presenter of the PBS series. Winner of a 1994 "Christopher" and George F. Peabody Broadcasting Award. National Monday night broadcast also seen in many markets around the world. Among its programs: "The Waters Are Wide: A Journey to Tristan Da Cunha," Heminway's exploration of the earth's most remote inhabited island, "Around The World In 60 Minutes" – a tribute to the great travel/filmmakers of the past, "The Africa Passion" – Heminway's encounter with four remarkable individuals committed to living – and dying – in Africa, "In Search of Paradise," Heminway's odyssey to discover why the Islands of the Marquesas held such appeal for Paul Gauguin, Robert Louis Stevenson and Herman Melville, "L.A. is it," John Gregory Dunne's love letter to a city, "In Search of Spices," a visit to the spice islands of Indonesia with Madhur Jaffrey, "America with the Top Down," an off-beat road trip with comedian Jimmy Tingle, "Last Train Across Canada" with Murray Sayle, Darshan" Michael Wood's tribute to his beloved India and 32 more programs. St. Paul Pioneer Press Dispatch: "...may be the most pleasurable hour of TV on the air this fall." San Diego Union: "Quirky... series and great fun to watch." New York Times: "Television is made for travelogues." Kansas City Star; "What makes this show particularly appealing is Heminway's honesty."

The Mind: "The Search For Mind," and "Aging" VIEW CLIP
READ MORE Writer, director, producer of two programs of this nine-part series about how the brain works – and doesn't work. Winner: the 1989 Emmy, for outstanding writing in informational programming, Cine Golden Eagle Award, 1988, National Media Owl Award, 1989, 1st prize for television, non-fiction, American Film and Video Festival, John Muir Medical Film Festival finalist. "The Mind moves from the merely interesting to the heartbreaking." TV Guide: "ambitious... literate... stunning." Denver Post: " accessible and astonishing." New York Times: "This is television demanding that you sit up straight, pay attention and perhaps even take note... a substantial series." The Sun: "The ultimate 'behind-the-scenes' television program."

The Flowing Oasis
READ MORE Writer of of a one-hour program for PBS' Nature series. "The Flowing Oasis" brings to life the many secrets of a river that flows through a Nevada desert.

Journey to Birth
READ MORE Made for The March of Dimes: An exposé of the dangers of substance abuse to the fetus, an appeal for good prenatal care, narrated by Ellen Burstyn. The Silver Hugo Award.

The Brain
READ MORE Writer, director, producer of four hours in this pioneering eight-hour series about the miracle, the magesty and the many foibles of our brain. "The Enlightened Machine", "Vision And Movement", "Rhythms And Drives" and "Learning And Memory." George F. Peabody Award, 1985; Alfred I. DuPont-Columbia University Award for Broadcast Journalism 1986; The Silver Hugo, 1987; Ohio State Award, 1986. Washington Post: "Here is a program that approaches a subject of the greatest possible concern and proves itself up to the challenge. God bless 'The Brain.'" New York Daily News: "Fascinating.. one of the finest science series seen on television." New York Times: "Informative, intelligent and pleasurable to watch."

ABC Sports' The American Sportsman
READ MORE Writer of seven segments on this popular outdoor series... 3 Cine Golden Eagle Awards and 1979 Sports Emmy Award from the National Academy of Television Arts And Sciences, for Outstanding Edited Sports Series.

1970 - 1974
Survival Anglia Ltd. (London)
READ MORE Producer and writer of six half-hour wildlife films, broadcast on THE WORLD OF SURVIVAL, throughout trhe United States, as well as two one- hour specials: "Bones of Contention," the first full-length film about Richard Leakey's search for human ancestry, and "The Voyage Of The Mir El Lah,"  about a 1000-mile journey onboard one of the world's most ancient trading vessels.

Blue Water Tournament
READ MORE Producer, director, writer of this half-hour film about a hard-fought blue marlin fishing competition in the Bahamas.

ABC Sports' The American Sportsman
READ MORE Production manager, then series writer, and finally producer/writer of 96 network segments. In its time, The American Sportsman, airing on Sunday afternoons in winter, was recognized as the highest-rated sports series, ever. It featured contemporary stars such as Bing Crosby, John Huston, Gene Kelly and Ted Williams, fishing, hunting and eventually conserving wildlife and habitats across far corners of the earth. 6 Ciné Golden Eagle Awards.


READ MORE drama set in Kenya, based on original research into the secret life of a local celebrity.

The Blooding Trail
READ MORE with DeWitt Sage, about a horse-whisperer in the American West.

On Air
READ MORE with DeWitt Sage, about the torment and triumph of emigrating to America.

The Lunatic Express
READ MORE co-writer with Peter Viertel of "The Lunatic Express" – a dramatisation of the epic construction of the railway that penetrated the heart of late 19th century Africa.