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October 17, 2017
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November 30, 2017

Yonder: A Place in Montana

For nearly 70 years the 36-acre ranch on the West Boulder River Heminway bought in 1987 was known as the “Bar 20”. When he signed the deed, Heminway was handed the Bar 20’s voluminous legal history and wondered if there was more to the place than just a name. Only a handful of acres, the ranch for generations has appeared on many topological maps as a formidable feature, “Bar 20 Ranch”. YONDER is the story of this improbably named ranch, and documents Heminway’s search for the Bar 20’s former owners, as critical to Heminway as his own ancestors. In the process he teases apart their reasons for coming, the transience of their dreams, the causes of their leaving, and in the process tells the history of Montana.